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Eyelash extension glue / Glam Ultra Rapid Volume 5g


  • $3200

1 Quick and strong adhesion: Eyelash Glam Ultra Rapid Volume Adhesive delivers fast curing time of 1 to 2 seconds with up to 8 weeks of lifespan. Faster curing time helps eyelash extension specialists perform faster procedures.
2 Specialized Glue for Volume Lash Procedures: Glam Ultra Rapid Volume Adhesive is a product that has a low viscosity based on Cyanoacrylate, so it is designed for Volume Lash or Russian Volume procedures and also suitable for Classic Lash procedures.
3 Using ultrafine, nanometer pigments: The addition of liquid dye to adhesives reduces both strength and increases drying times. Nanometere pigments were used instead to counteract this.
4 QUALITY ASSURANCE: adhesive is LATEX-FREE. We are relentlessly pursuing the health of you and your clients by providing the highest premium quality products. This product complies with the ISO 9001(Quality management) standards and ISO 14001(Environment management) standards.


• Drying time : 1-2 seconds ★★★★

• Lasting time : up to 8 weeks ★★★★★

• Fume : ★★★★☆

• Viscosity : ★☆☆☆

• Color : black

• Volume : 5 ml

• Ingredients : Cyanoacrylate, Carbon Black 


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